Connections are what drive me. From providing guidance through important decisions to seeing things through from start to finish, I strive to be the best at what I do.  With over twenty years of experience in the insurance and banking business, I’ve learned that what people need in a sales agent is not someone to pressure them into buying. People need someone who will take the time to listen to what they want. It is due to these passions of mine that thus far in life I’ve seen success.

I was born in England and raised in West Germany. At the age of twenty-two, I moved to Washington where I met my husband Gary, who served in the military for twenty-two years before retiring. We had a beautiful baby girl: Amber. Life began. A little over a decade later we’re still in Washington and we’re a busy family! I switched careers from insurance to real estate, with hopes that my love of people would flourish in a new environment.

As a military spouse for over two decades, I’ve seen firsthand what it’s like to live the military lifestyle. It can be challenging and difficult at times, and it can be rewarding and fulfilling at times, but one thing that always helped me was the support I received from those around me that also understood this unique way of life. This is something I value and something I take with me everywhere I go, especially when it comes to my career. Being able to relate on this level with military families helps me to truly understand what my clients are looking for. 

My aspirations with real estate as a career choice run deep, but are simple. I want to help, I want to hold my head up high, and I want to be remembered as one of integrity. I’ve found throughout my years in sales that there are usually two paths: the hard right and the easy wrong. If you choose me as a real estate agent I can assure you that you are my priority. It may take you a while to find your dream home and that’s okay. I choose the hard right. I choose to be your real estate agent.